Lexi Rains

About Music Matters

Music is universal. It doesn’t care where you’re from or what car you drive, it allows us to come together and make a lasting connection. Sadly, in some parts of the country, music is being silenced in communities and within the walls of schools. Whether it be a lack of funding, resources, or support, more and more students are being denied access to a quality music education…and that’s a problem.

I have every opportunity at my fingertips when it comes to music. My family is in the entertainment business and we own a performing arts studio. But I spent several years of my life refusing to follow in the footsteps of my family and ignored my vocal ability, until a teacher suspected my talent and encouraged me to try out for the school musical. After being cast as the lead, I found my confidence and my voice. I realized the blessing music was in my life and began to sing and perform again. By utilizing the tools so easily accessible to me and recognizing how fortunate I was, I began working to expose children in my own community to the arts. I developed and offered camps, workshops, donated instruments, and provided performance opportunities to hundreds of youth. I have been able to present my Music Matters Program to over 1,000 students across Texas & Oklahoma. I am proud to say that I have reached 63,600 people to date through music. Additionally, I am the youngest member of the Denison Performing Arts Board of Directors and I am currently working with the Board to implement a new performing arts program within our local school district. I authored and published a book where I tell my story of past insecurities and finding my voice through “Harmony the Hippo.”

In February, I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime: I was invited to become a National Influencer with the Country Music Association Foundation. Because of the shared desire to bring awareness to the importance of Music Education, I joined their It Starts With M.E. campaign.

The “It Starts With M.E.” (Music Education) campaign is designed to help raise awareness for the importance of music education and to create an advocacy team for our young people. Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban are just 2 examples of the artists standing behind the CMA Foundation and the It Starts With M.E campaign.

Music education helps shape our next generation to be creative, collaborative and forward-thinking leaders, while reinvigorating communities and those living there. Music education gives students a reason to be in the classroom. Research continues to show significant data proving the positive impact music has on a student’s ability to learn, retain, and articulate information. Statistics also show that students who participate in music education will have a greater chance at seeing postsecondary success.

This is my mission and my motivation. Music Matters.