Lexi Rains

Hi everyone!

First of all.. Thank you for coming to my website! I’m excited to share all about me, my life, and my passion for music and performing arts. I am so grateful to everyone who has been a part of my journey so far, and if you are new.. welcome!

My name is Lexi- Lover of Jesus, music, dogs, and people. I am a member of Shawnda Rains Entertainment Group where I am a veteran of StageStruck Performance Troupe, Red River Dancer, co-director of Starlets, mentor of younger artists, and I am a part of the Advanced Pro-Performer Program, and the youngest member of the Denison Performing Arts Board of Directors. I was also recently crowned Miss Frisco’s Outstanding Teen, and I am preparing to compete for the job of Miss Texas Outstanding Teen in June! I am the founder of “Music Matters”, an organization advocating for the arts in communities and schools. Through “Music Matters”, I have created a program where I go into schools and smaller communities to educate the importance of performing arts on the development and necessary life skills of children. 

I have worked hard to create a page to show in great detail every aspect of my life.. because there is a lot! I will post blogs, photos, upcoming events, and I always stay connected through social media! Thank you for the love and support!


Lexi Rains

Fun Facts!

 I am a senior at the University of Texas High School!

I love music! I play the guitar, piano, dance, act, and sing! 

I am the co-directer of a young performance troupe of 4-7 year olds called Starlets! 

I am nicknamed “Dorpeg” after my grandmas on either side of my families, Dortha and Peggy.

I am an ambassador for the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame in Carthage, TX.

I am an influencer with the CMA Foundation’s “It starts with ME” initiative.

 I am the youngest member EVER of the Denison Performing Arts Board of Directors.

I love social media and sharing my life!